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Intro to Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play's Gates of Olympus is a favourite among gambling enthusiasts. Why is it so popular? The answer is simple! Thanks to its staggering high RTP of 96.5% and fun graphics and theme, snagging a big win on Gates of Olympus is a thrill! Plus, when you consider all of its unique features, buffs, and bonuses, hitting a tasty jackpot becomes a real possibility!



Gates of Olympus

Created by

Pragmatic Play

Game type



Ancient Greece, adventure, mythology


web (Windows, MacOS), mobile (Android, iOS)










Lines pay

Both directions

Min. bet

0.20 €

Max. bet

100 €


Free spins


Bonus game










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Introduction to Gates of Olympus

Over the years, Gates of Olympus has become a staple among online slots enthusiasts. Players left and right fall for this slot game's fun theme and beautiful graphics, which make each spin all the more enjoyable. What's more, the high volatility of Gates of Olympus means you never know what prize or jackpot awaits you on your next spin!

About Pragmatic Play

Gates of Olympus was developed by Pragmatic Play in 2021. A company with over 8 years of experience, Pragmatic Play has many award-winning titles under its belt. Aside from slots like Gates of Olympus, Pragmatic Play has also dabbled in:

  • Live casino games
  • Bingo
  • Virtual sports, and many others.

What's more, Pragmatic Play is regulated in more than 20 different jurisdictions, making it one of the most trusted developers in the casino sphere. It's known for the fair odds of its games, as you can see in the demo above.

Other Games by Pragmatic Play

As a leading provider of casino software, Pragmatic Play has developed many successful slots and other games. Some of its most popular titles include:

  • Jewel Rush
  • Zeus vs. Hades - Gods of War
  • Lamp of Infinity
  • Diamonds of Egypt, and many more.

Gates of Olympus Slot Overview

Unlike older slots, largely created to resemble the simple slot machines you'd see in casinos worldwide, Gates of Olympus stood out for its unique setting. Inspired by ancient Greek mythology, the game features popular figures like Zeus and Athena, which add nuance to the game and also act as bonus features. In addition, its design is much more engaging and easy on the eyes than your typical slot game. You can see for yourself in the free play (demo) mode available on our site!

Game Mechanics Breakdown

At its core, Gates of Olympus is just what you might expect of a slots game. It features six reels of five rows with various multiplier symbol lands. At each spin, depending on where the game's scatter symbols land, you can win various prizes. You may even end up playing free spins in a bonus round!

The base game also contains a tumble feature to keep gameplay interesting. It removes all winning symbols (adding them to your winnings), then fills the empty spaces. If there are new winning combinations present, those symbols get removed again and added to your profit, and the tumble continues until there are no more winning combos. All of this occurs in the same round, increasing your chances for a big win on a single bet.

Of course, no slot game would be worth your time and money if it doesn't have special symbols too! Gates of Olympus has a scatter symbol and five random multipliers. There are random multipliers on each reel, ensuring decent odds for landing on one. Their values go from 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, etc., all the way up to a max win of 500x!

If you hit several random multipliers in the same round, their values will add up for a super jackpot in the end. That's the high RTP and big win potential we were talking about!

Moreover, there is also a Scatter symbol, which pays on any position, as long as you land on at least four on the same spin.

But what makes this game a lot more fun than other slots is the Greek mythology aspect! Players will surely recognise various characters like Athena or Zeus, who can grant them additional bonuses during gameplay. Plus, the Ancient Greece setting and art style are stunning, resulting in an enjoyable game experience.

Gates of Olympus Multiplier Symbols and Paytable

Below we provide a detailed breakdown of the multiplier symbols you will see in Gates of Olympus. Check it out to see the differences in multiplier value, payout, and other notable features. We recommend studying this table and checking out the symbols in the demo before you jump into a game using real money.


4 scatters pay $9 each, which goes up to $15 for 5 scatter lands, and a mouth-watering $300 per symbol if you land on all 6 in the same round (jackpot!).

  • 6 $300
  • 5 $15
  • 4 $9

The highest paying symbol; starts from $30 for 8-9 lands and goes up to $150 for 12-30 lands.

  • 12-30 $150
  • 10-11 $75
  • 8-9 $30

Starts from $7.50 per land (8-9) and goes up to $75 for over 12 lands.

  • 12-30 $75
  • 10-11 $30
  • 8-9 $7.50

From $6 to a max win of $45 per land, depending on the total count.

  • 12-30 $45
  • 10-11 $15
  • 8-9 $6

The second most valuable gem, worth $2.40 - $24.

  • 12-30 $36.00
  • 10-11 $4.50
  • 8-9 $3.00

The most expensive gem, worth $3 - $30.

  • 12-30 $30
  • 10-11 $4.50
  • 8-9 $3

The second most valuable gem, worth $2.40 - $24.

  • 12-30 $24.00
  • 10-11 $3.60
  • 8-9 $2.40

Worth between $1.50 and $15 based on total lands.

  • 12-30 $15.00
  • 10-11 $3.00
  • 8-9 $1.50

Worth $1.20 for modest lands (8-9), up to $12 for over 12 lands.

  • 12-30 $12.00
  • 10-11 $2.70
  • 8-9 $1.20

The cheapest gem, it starts from $0.75 per land.

  • 12-30 $12.00
  • 10-11 $2.70
  • 8-9 $1.20

If any of this sounds confusing, we recommend checking out the game demo on our homepage. It's a free play mode using virtual currency, giving you a chance to get to know the rules of the game. Playing with the demo is perfectly safe, as all rounds are essentially free spins and you don't need to spend any money.

Gates of Olympus Best Strategies to Win

Is it possible to make a big win by playing this game? When you choose a good casino and employ the right strategy, bet multiplier, and a degree of caution, absolutely!

Why Try Gates of Olympus at the Casinos We Recommend?

To fully enjoy your betting experience, you need trust and security, as well as access to the best offers available. The casinos we work with can not only give you the best bang for your buck, but also meet all necessary regulations to ensure you will get your winnings.

By playing at any of the online casinos we recommend, you gain:

  • Access to Gates of Olympus, one of the most popular slots around;
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Top Winning Strategies in 2024

Below we've assembled some tips and tricks to help you devise the most optimal strategy and improve your odds! Check them out for the best chance to win free spins and get the max win possible.

Use Free Spins and Combine Bonuses

The most straightforward tip we can give to any player is: get the best bonus you can find. We've purposefully selected regulated casinos that offer some of the most generous bonuses in the betting industry to multiply your deposit and extend play time without costing you extra funds.

There are different kinds of bonuses you can get. One category is free spins. Those are essentially just extra free turns you can get where you don't need to spend your deposit to play the game.

There is also a category where you buy bonuses. These bonuses add to your deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 and are using a 150% bonus, you'd get $250 as funds in your casino wallet. These bonuses often have different names, such as welcome bonuses, energy bonuses, and many more, but they work in the same way.

And don't forget that by signing up with us, you'd earn a generous bonus to use in your casino of choice! Thanks to it, you'll be able to extend your deposit further, play more rounds, and potentially trigger a free spins bonus for additional rewards.

If you've already claimed and used up a bonus, remember that you can use our site to look for a new online casino and find another offer. Combining bonuses from different casinos is actually a very common strategy! We check for bonuses and free spins in real-time, so we'll be able to refer you to new casinos and offers each day.

Plan Your Budget Carefully

If you're a complete beginner, we recommend setting a betting limit in advance. Decide ahead of time how much money you plan to spend and stick to it. Know your limits, as the game is quite fun and you may keep playing extra long otherwise.

Even when you play slots with high RTP, keep in mind that winning is not guaranteed. A high return-to-player rating of 95% does not mean you will get 95% back from whatever you spend. Instead, RTP is calculated on the basis of the total amount of money all players spend playing the game versus the amount that is won back collectively. In other words, ten players might lose $100 each for someone else to win $1,000 as profit.

What's more, you should also plan for how long you intend to play in the online casino. Remember that once you start betting, you might lose track of time. Setting a timer or alarm can be helpful to ensure you don't stay too long!

If you go beyond your allotted time or budget, but still want to play more, you can always do free spins in demo mode to quench your thirst for the game.

Study the Payout Table Well

As for the game itself, the ideal combination in the game is obviously landing on all six scatter symbols. This way, you can earn 6 x $300 = $1,800! If you also land on any random multiplier symbols, you can multiply this win for a jackpot worth thousands of dollars.

But in reality, the probability of landing the max win combo is quite low. Thus, it might be better to focus on what the other multiplier symbols can offer. So, check the payout table we've provided carefully or play with the demo to learn how much each symbol is worth.

As you can see in the payout table, all symbols pay from eight lands up. But what you actually get on each spin is quite random, even though symbols pay in all positions. Instead of aiming for specific combos, the best strategies would relate to tempo and greed management. More on that in the section below.

Play High RTP Games such as Gates of Olympus

RTP stands for “return to player”. It refers to the amount of real money that flows back into players' pockets from a game. Casinos typically pool together the funds spent during losing rounds to reward the winners. So, while a high RTP doesn't guarantee you'll keep most of your deposit, it's always a good indicator of the overall profitability of a game. That's why it's good to check the stats in advance and choose slots with RTP over 90%.

Pragmatic Play is known for developing games with high RTP rates. This means players face more favourable odds and can win real money from its games. Gates of Olympus has an RTP of 96.50%, which is among the highest among online slots in 2024. Choosing a game with such a high reward rating is one way to improve your chance of making it big!

Use the Free Demo Mode to Practice

The demo is a way to access free play mode for casino games. Essentially, the demo gives you the full experience of what slots are like, without making you stake any real money. In other words, demo mode is a great way to learn how to play this slot game. And if you think the demo is fun, wait till you experience your first win in a live casino! The rush from making it big will definitely have you coming back for more.

Do These Strategies Really Work?

Your most important consideration should be how you play the game and how you use bonuses and free spins. If you keep your wits about you and don't get tempted to use up your deposit on paid spins, we believe you can enjoy Gates of Olympus quite a bit!

Remember that we can offer multiple bonuses depending on the casino. In addition, many of these offers are time-limited! You may snatch a bonus today that won't be around tomorrow, but find a different offer when you check back in later.

Keep in mind that some bonuses are dynamic and continue to yield rewards as you replenish your funds. Check the terms of the bonus carefully to see how it gets triggered and if there are any minimum or maximum deposits it applies to.

Due to the high availability of bonus offers at the casinos we work with, we recommend always betting with an active bonus. For example, if it was a one-time offer and the bonus runs out, it's a good idea to check back in and see if you can claim a new deal instead of digging deeper into your own pockets.

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Attention! Play Gates of Olympus Responsibly!

While betting in online casinos may be a fun activity, it can still be dangerous if you are not careful and lose control. Due to the highly addictive nature of many casino games and the thrill of the win, you may find yourself struggling with compulsive gambling and lose money. It is advisable to only play in online casinos when you are in a good mood, and your financial situation is stable. Try to plan ahead of time how long you can spend in online casinos and how much money you can set aside for betting. You can learn more about the signs of gambling addiction and what you can do to avoid it on Gamble Aware & National Council on Problem Gambling.