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The following Privacy Policy demonstrates the methods by which gathers and processes the Personal Data of its users. This website only collects data to pursue its legitimate interest in offering an affiliate marketing service or the overall maintenance and betterment of the site. All activities to this end are performed in compliance with the applicable data privacy legislation.


About This Policy

This document shows how gathers, saves, processes, and safeguards the information site users relay to us while browsing our website or availing of our services. Furthermore, it highlights the designated data protection rights all site users have.

Please consult the definitions of the following set of legal terms you will encounter repeatedly in this Privacy Policy:


Personal Data Collection must collect some of the website's users' Personal Data to fulfil the services advertised on its website. This action is performed through one or more of the following methods:

When using or the services we provide, the user may willingly share various Personal Data. For instance, if someone fills in our contact form, they will enter their name and email address, which are all considered to be willingly and consensually provided.

When a client contacts, they may provide information other than their email and name over the course of one or many messages exchanged. The provision of this information is also on a voluntary basis, and thus, we consider the user has provided it with their freely given consent. Any data provided that is not relevant to our discussion with the client or the provision of our services will not be processed, despite the user having shared it with us.

The website relies on cookies to keep track of how our website is doing and what the preferences or habits of our customers are, so we can better anticipate and cater to them. The information gathered through cookie usage is not used to identify users individually but rather to study them in segments according to shared characteristics or behavioural patterns.

Personal Data Processing only processes the Personal Data of its users to fulfil the services mentioned on our website, to ensure site visitors have a safe and enjoyable browsing experience, and to investigate different ways to make our services better in the future. We comply with all relevant legislation pertaining to the user's data protection rights. has the following reasoning for collecting and processing user data:

Please be aware that may be the Data Collector in this case, but it does not process the users' data. None of the information you share with us is stored on our servers. Instead, your Personal Data is handled by the online casinos we recommend to you, if you choose to register in any of them.

If you have more questions about Personal Data processing, we encourage you to turn to the casino where you have registered an account, since it is the Data Processor in this case.

Why We Collect and Process Personal Data must gather some Personal Data from its customers to keep this website operational and fulfil the services we offer as a company.

Below are the different purposes that necessitate data collection and processing:

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that work as identifiers for users. They can provide additional information about how various aspects of our website perform and what parts of our content users engage with the most. Consequently, can use this information to come up with and implement updates to make our website more useful to customers in the future.

You may see the following types of cookies on

Essential Cookies

Permanent cookies are crucial for the proper functioning of this website. Without them, certain features (for instance, auto-fill) will become unavailable to customers..

Google Analytics Cookies may also place cookies by Google Analytics on this website to study its performance further. Though these cookies are not essential, they offer additional insights into the preferences of our user base and our content's performance. As a result, they are quite important for the improvement of this website.

Third-party Cookies

The site may also include cookies by third parties we have partnerships with.

Storing Personal Data

The information that gathers from its users does not remain on our servers. As previously mentioned, when customers use to find an online casino or special offers, their information is sent to the casinos recommended by our platform. The online casino the user chooses and plays in is then in charge of storing the user's Personal Data.

The casinos we have partnered with comply fully with the GDPR when processing our users' data. However, we still highly encourage customers to carefully read their chosen casino's Privacy Policy, as it may differ from ours.

Protecting Personal Data

Our dedicated team has ensured this website is up-to-date with all technical requirements so that it may provide a safe and secure browsing experience to customers. Furthermore, our clients can rest assured that does not share their Personal Data with unauthorised parties. If a situation arises where we need to share your information with another third party, for instance, a government agency, and we are required by law to comply, will notify the customer of this in a timely manner and request the client's consent, if their consent is necessary.

Moreover, the staff working at have signed exclusive non-disclosure agreements and cannot divulge users' personal information. Your data will only go through the minimum number of employees necessary for the fulfilment of our services.

Even so, there may be special situations where some organisations, for example, legal authorities, may contact with a request to access some of our users' Personal Data. This may occur during a criminal investigation into a user's activities, to name one example. In this case, we undertake to carefully evaluate our role and legal obligations, and to determine whether the request is valid.

In these circumstances, will carefully consider whether complying with such legitimate requests outweighs our users' data privacy rights. will always prioritise the rights of its customers, inasmuch as there is no other legal framework that outweighs them.

Personal Data Sharing

In any situation where another party is requesting access to your Personal Data, will duly inform the customer of the request.

Keep in mind you may need to review the Privacy Policies of any third-party websites additionally, as they might not fully match ours.

Moreover, be aware that some other third parties are authorised by to have access to your data, aside from the online casinos we recommend. We may share your Personal Data with such parties as it is required for the functioning of this website. For example, our hosting company might have access to some of the information users share with us as per the technical requirements of the site.

Regardless, all sharing of or operations with the Personal Data of our clients is done in adherence to the GDPR and any other relevant data protection laws.

Your Data Protection Rights

All of our website users have the following rights, as guaranteed by data privacy laws such as the GDPR:

Furthermore, site users also have the right to:

There may be further legislation applicable to the collection and processing of your Personal Data, depending on where you live. Site visitors are welcome to use the Contact Us form to get in touch with with any further questions. All inquiries will be handled as speedily as possible, but not later than a month from sending the request.

Amendments retains its right to change or update any of our website content, including this Privacy Policy. Although we would do our best to keep customers informed about any changes, we reserve the right to make amendments even without prior notification. All website changes become valid from the moment they are implemented on the site. Users are encouraged to frequently visit our policy pages to ensure they are familiar with the most current versions of these documents. Remember that by continuing to use, you consent to all changes, whether you are aware of them or not.